Club Of Dominance 4 - A Sub To Love - By Becca Van

Justine Downey applies for a job at a security company and doesn’t know her bosses are Dominants. The men are brawny and sexy, and awaken her dormant libido.
Garth and Derrick Jackson know their new admin assistant is submissive but are unaware of her proclivities. They want in her life and bed.
Their new employee comes in to work on her second day battered, bruised, and sick. The two men take care of her, and when they learn she is in danger they vow to protect her with their lives.
But getting her to trust them is a lot harder than they imagine after the hard life she has led. Just when she begins to open up with them and is starting to trust them with her body as well as her mind, she is literally snatched away from under their noses.
They rush in to rescue her, but will they be in time?

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