Club Of Dominance 3 – Aurora’s Doms

 Club Of Dominance 3 – Aurora’s Doms continues the BDSM romance series for Becca Van.

Timid Aurora finds herself between her urges for a pair of doms whilst being unsure of her own nature. This adult excerpt gives a glimpse into the third instalment in the series.

Club Of Dominance 3 – Aurora's Doms - By Becca Van

Club Of Dominance 3 – Aurora’s Doms

How she was able to move on legs that felt like the consistency of wet noodles she had no clue. When she was in position, draped across it, she held still while they secured her wrists and ankles with the cuffs. Her mind raced as she wondered what they were going to do to her. Her body ached to be filled by them, but she wasn’t sure she should let them. They had ignored her for so long. Why all of a sudden were they willing to see to her needs now?

You have been a very bad little sub. Will you take your punishment and please your Doms?” Master Mac asked in a low voice.

Yes, Master,” she responded before she could stop herself. Aurora wanted to ask them why they wanted to play with her now, but knew if she spoke out of turn she would displease the two Doms and earn more punishment.

Warm hands caressed her ass cheeks, and it took everything she had not to wriggle or thrust her ass up into Master Mike’s hands.

Do you know why we’re going to punish you, Aurora?”

No, Master.”

Smack. Aurora gasped as a hard hand slapped her ass. The sting radiated heat into her flesh, and the vibrations caused her clit to throb.

You need to be punished for letting other Doms play with you. If I ever catch you with another man there will be hell to pay, baby.” He landed smack after smack on her ass, raining blows on each cheek alternately but never alighting in the same place.

The tension seeped from her body and she became more relaxed with each swat. After the tenth blow, the stinging pain seemed to morph into pleasurable tingles which reverberated from her butt cheeks and traveled around to her pussy. She inhaled deeply and sank into the calm sea of sensation. Her awareness was of her own needy body and the two Doms in the room with her.

Fingers caressed her slit, rubbing through her swollen, wet tissue and up to her engorged nub. Hallelujah, I have a wet pussy. If I can get turned on then that must mean I’m not frigid. Her clit throbbed in time with her rapid heartbeat and her cunt clenched as if begging to be filled.

So fucking wet,” Master Mac rasped. “You like getting your ass spanked, don’t you, sub?”

Yes, Master,” Aurora replied.Was that my voice sounding so dreamy and breathy?

No one else can make you wet for them, can they, baby?” Master Mike asked as he slapped her ass again.

No, Master.”

Such an honest little sub.” His hands smoothed over her ass cheeks, making them tingle even more.

She sobbed with arousal and hoped they would make her come. She was so hot, wet, and achy, and she knew only these two men would be able to quench the fire burning inside.

When was the last time you had sex, honey?” Master Mac asked.

I–I…” Aurora stammered, and then she cried out when a finger drew small circles on top of her clit.

Smack. “Answer the question, Aurora,” Master Mike demanded.

Never, Master.”

The hands caressing her ass stopped and the finger massaging her clit halted.

Are you a virgin, sub?” Master Mac asked in a hoarse voice.

Yes, Master.”

Fuck me. Send her over, Mac.”

The finger working her clit began to rub, starting off slow and gathering speed while the hands on her ass gripped and kneaded it, separating her cheeks and stretching her asshole. Aurora whimpered as another finger rimmed around her pussy, gathering cream and creating blissful pleasure. Then that finger began to penetrate her body and the one on her clit moved faster and faster. Her internal walls rippled, sending more cream to drip from her vagina. Her womb grew heavy and her blood heated as her insides grew tauter and tauter. The further the finger slid inside her cunt, the more her need grew, and she tried to force that digit in more. Another slap landed on her ass, this one much harder than the preceding smacks. She cried out when the finger was withdrawn but then mewed with delight as two were pressed inside her body. Then they began to move. In and out they thrust, stretching and caressing her wet flesh while sending shards of pleasure coursing through her.

The tension inside her grew in mammoth proportions until she felt like she was on the edge looking over the cliff face. And then she was there, right on the precipice, gasping in great gulps of air as she tried to fill her lungs.

Aurora screamed as bliss assailed her from all sides. Fingers rubbed against her asshole, lighting her up, as others pumped in and out of her pussy and rubbed her clit.


Problems abound for Aurora in Club Of Dominance 3 – Aurora’s Doms, in this fresh BDSM romance series for Becca Van Erotic Romance.

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