Blood Exchange 1 – The Drierge Brothers


Blood Exchange 1 - The Drierge Brothers - By Becca Van Erotic Romance

Blood Exchange 1 – The Drierge Brothers

Lucan lifted his angel up into his arms and strode purposely from the room. He took the stairs two at a time, his brother following close behind, and he entered the room he and Trey had prepared a long time ago for their mate. Trey swept his hand in front of him, dispelling the dust from the room. He carried Angelina to the large bed and gently placed her in the middle, climbing on beside her with Trey on the opposite side.

Cupping her cheek in his hand, he turned her head toward him, leaned over, and covered her mouth with his own. He nibbled and nipped on her lower lip until her flesh parted and he tasted her sweet breath. His tongue slid out and pushed into mouth, and Lucan groaned as she tentatively responded. His balls tightened at the sound of the whimpers emerging from her throat, and he tangled his tongue with hers, deepening the kiss. One taste of her would never be enough. He withdrew his tongue, released her lips, and opened his eyes to look down at her.

She was so beautiful, so lush and ripe, with her passion simmering beneath the surface. He moved his hand beneath the material of her shirt, and Trey took her mouth. He released the buttons on her blouse and parted the fabric. Her skin was tinged pink with her desire, from her breasts all the way up her neck to her cheeks. Lucan reached up and released the front catch of her bra, and her nipples peaked in the cool air. He bent his head and took one of her ripe berries into his mouth and sucked. Her nipple touched the roof of his mouth, and he growled as he tasted her sweetness on his tongue. He gently scraped one of his now-elongated fangs over the hard nub and caged her soft, fleshy mound with his hand as she bucked up into his mouth.

Lucan pulled back and stood to the side of his bed. He had to have her now. He couldn’t wait another minute. He pulled his shirt up over his head, heedless of the buttons ripping from the material, and shucked his jeans and briefs. He climbed back onto the bed, but this time he made room for his body between her legs. He undid her pants and hooked his thumbs into the waistband, pulling them and her panties down her legs and off over her feet. Trey pulled her shirt and bra from her torso, and then he, too, began to remove his clothes.

Placing the palms of his hands on her shins, Lucan slowly, gently slid them over her soft, warm skin. He took deep breaths, trying to hold his inner beast back when the scent of her pussy reached his nostrils. His palms smoothed up the inside of her thighs, and he gently spread her legs. He moved his body down between her limbs until he was lying on his belly. He lowered his head and kissed the top of her pubic mound then slid his tongue into her dew-moistened slit and licked over her clit. His angel bucked her hips up, silently begging for more. His tongue glided through her folds and pushed into her cream-filled hole. Her salty-sweet essence coated his tongue, and he lapped it up and swallowed her fluid.

Moving his free hand to the top of her cunt, he lightly caressed her clit, producing more of her sweet cum. His tongue moved between her labial lips again, flicking and laving over her clit as he slowly rimmed her hole with a finger. He gently thrust his digit into her cunt and growled as her muscles clenched around his flesh.

Lucan pulled his finger out and pumped it back in, all the while attending to her engorged bundle of nerves with his tongue. She was so damn tight that he wondered if she was a virgin. Then he remembered what she said. That she never had one man touch her, let alone two. His angel was as pure as her name.

As he thought of any other man touching his precious angel, a flood of possessiveness washed over him. No one else would touch her. He would never let her leave for the rest of eternity. He brushed against her mind with his own and felt how much she needed Lucan and Trey to put out flames burning inside her.

He withdrew his finger and mouth, sat up between her legs, and clasped her hips. He aimed his cock for her pussy and stayed still with his flesh kissing hers. He halted before pressing into Angelina and looked into her face, still obscured by the dark glasses. Tentatively, he raised one hand and brushed the hair away from his angel’s face.

This is your first time, isn’t it, baby?”

She nodded and wriggled her hips, teasing his cock with the delicious moisture seeping from her cunt.

 “Are you ready?” he asked, pushing his cock against her wet folds, and she moaned in response. “Baby, I need to know.”

She nibbled on her bottom lip, appearing hesitant for a moment, but then her resolve returned.


Yes what, angel? I need to hear you say it.”

On a shuddering breath, she said, “Yes, I’m ready. Please.”

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