Alpha Province: Sweet Miracle

Alpha Province: Sweet Miracle by Becca Van“Oh,” Tami gasped and lifted her hands toward her breasts. Before she could cover them, Karter and Jace clasped her wrists in their hands, lifted them over her head, and pinned them to the mattress.

“Never hide from us, darlin’,” Jace ordered just before he lowered his head toward one breast.

Zayn’s confined dick pulsed when Tami whimpered as, first Jace and then Karter each drew a nipple into their mouths. When she bowed up with a muffled moan, Zayn realized he’d been so mesmerized watching his brothers and mate he’d almost forgotten what he was doing. He gave a mental snort. As if that could ever happen.

He tugged her jeans and underwear over her hips and down her thighs and almost swallowed his tongue when he saw her bare pink mound. After moving out from between her legs and pulling off her shoes and socks, Zayn removed her jeans and panties before dropping them onto the floor. His boxers had a wet spot from the continuous leak of pre-cum, and his cock was throbbing so hard it hurt. He sighed with relief after releasing the button on his jeans and lowering the zipper, relieving the tight pressure on his pulsing dick. He licked his lips as he eyed Tami’s amazingly sexy, gorgeous body and once more made himself comfortable between her legs.

“Moving her,” he informed his brothers as he wrapped his arms around her knees before scooting backward toward the end of the bed. He sank to the floor on his knees, tugged until Tami’s ass was on the edge of the mattress, and then spread her legs farther apart.

Creamy dew glistened on her plump labia at the entrance to her cunt, and her clit was so fully engorged the protective hood had already slid back exposing more of the bundle of nerves.

Zayn lowered his head and growled with approval at his first lick, his first taste of his mate’s honey. She was so fucking sweet his taste buds tingled with approval as her chocolatey-vanilla flavor coated his tongue, making his mouth water for more.

Tami moaned, her hips bowing up toward his mouth. Zayn set out to pleasure his woman in earnest.

He couldn’t wait to hear her screaming his name as she came in his mouth.

* * * *

Tami couldn’t believe how amazingly good it felt to have three men touching her at the same time. She was on sensation overload, and even though it was almost too much, it wasn’t anywhere near enough.

Her belly muscles jumped, and her whole body jerked when Zayn licked up through her folds from bottom to top. Jace was holding one of her breasts higher while swirling his tongue around the ruched areola before swiping the sensitive nipple with his tongue.

Karter was caressing his hand up and down her belly, over her hip and up her side before making the return journey while suckling on her other nipple.

She moaned when Zayn lapped over her clit before swirling his tongue around the hypersensitive nub, and then he licked back down to her pussy entrance. A cry of need escaped from between her parted lips when he stiffened his tongue and thrust it into her cunt. He made slurping noises as he sucked up her juices and drank them down.

She’d never felt so much pleasure in her life and wasn’t sure she’d survive much more without splintering apart.

Tami cried out when Jace scraped the edge of his teeth over her nipple before sucking the tip into his mouth and suckling on it firmly. Zayn rimmed her pussy with a finger as he lapped at her clit, and then he pressed it up inside.

Nerve endings she didn’t know she had sparked to life, and tension began to edge into her muscles.

“So fucking responsive,” Karter rasped out after releasing her nipple.

Tami forced her passion-heavy lids up to meet his gaze when he cupped her cheek in his palm. She gasped air into her lungs just before he slammed his mouth over hers. She gasped as he delved deeply into her mouth with his tongue, devouring her with a voracious fervor.

Tami gripped the hair at the back of his head as she lost herself in his taste, in his passion. He released her lips before she was ready, but as soon as he lowered his mouth back to her breast, Jace lifted his mouth from her other nipple, leaned up, and kissed her passionately.

When Zayn began to slowly pump his finger in and out of her wet pussy, she moaned, the sound muffled by Jace’s kiss. After noticing she was still clutching Karter’s hair, she released her hold and caressed her way down over his back, savoring the sensory delight of all those hard, toned muscles under her fingertips and palm.

Zayn swirled his tongue around her clit as he thrust his finger deeper and faster into her pussy. The pressure in her belly, womb, and pussy began to grow each time he caressed her wet internal walls. Cream dripped from her cunt as the hot, wet frictional slide of Zayn’s finger sent her higher and higher up the steep slope.

Jace broke the kiss just when her lungs began to burn from lack of oxygen. She panted as she tried to regain her breath, but it was impossible with everything her men were doing to her.

“Look at those perfect nipples,” Jace said hoarsely. “I could suck on your tits for hours, darlin’. I bet I could make you come from nipple stimulation alone. It’d be fun to find out.”

Tami groaned and closed her eyes as Jace’s words formed a vivid picture in her mind. She shivered as heated desire coursed through her veins and liquid arousal pooled low in her belly.

When Zayn added another finger to her cunt, she whimpered with need as her tissues stretched. She cried out when he drove them in and out deeper, harder, and faster.

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