Alpha Province: Shining Beacons

Alpha Province: Shining Beacons By Becca VanWhen Dusty Cutter heard her step-brother’s evil plans for her, she packed a bag and hightailed it out of Tucson, Arizona. She suffered more than enough at his hands and isn’t about to let him ruin her life.

Broden, Archer, and Airen Higgens didn’t think they’d ever meet their mate, until they entered the Ambrose hotel. As soon as they saw her gorgeous face and scented her fragrance, they knew she was theirs.

Broden and his brothers end up saving Dusty’s life when she has an allergic reaction and goes into anaphylactic shock. After treating her, they take her back to their home to recover, and while their inner Kodiak bears are eager to mate with her, the men know she needs to get used to them first.

When they reveal what they are, Dusty thinks they’re lying until they show her otherwise. Even though she’s worried trouble is going to follow her to Ambrose, she can’t resist the three, big, sexy men and she agrees to be their mate.    And then all hell breaks loose.

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