Alpha Province: Precious Angel

Alpha Province 4 – Precious Angel

Alpha Province: Precious Angel by Becca VanKenzie Howard is devastated when her abusive father sells her to a pimp for money, but when she hears the plans for her, she’s terrified. She manages to escape by stealing a car, but doesn’t get far before the pain of being used as a punching bag gets too much.

Jayson Cannon is horrified at finding his mate unconscious, bruised, and battered in a car on the side of the road just outside of Ambrose, North Dakota. He calls in the doc and his brothers, Jordan and Jenson, to help him get their mate back to his home.

The three brothers are worried about how they’re going to explain to their mate that they’re panther shifters, but that ends up being the least of their concerns when they have to claim their mate to save her life.

Just when their relationship is strengthening, danger comes to Ambrose and Kenzie goes missing.    Jayson, Jenson, and Jordan hope they aren’t going to be too late to rescue the love of their lives.

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