Alpha Province: Crossfire

Alpha Province: Crossfire - by Becca VanPreston cupped her face, turning her gaze up toward his. As soon as their eyes locked, he lowered his mouth toward hers.

Elsa moaned as Preston delved deep into her mouth with his tongue. While she’d never been kissed before a few times, she suspected if she had they would have been quickly forgotten. Preston, Gabe, and Liam sparked her body to life with just a look, and their kisses had her insides on fire.

She reached up toward him, her hand skimming over his shoulder, and without conscious thought, she let her hand wander wherever it wanted to go. She groaned as he curled his tongue around hers, tasting his manly desire on her taste buds, but it wasn’t enough. Her body was so hot, so achy she started moving her legs impatiently. She needed more, but she had no way of knowing how to get what she wanted.

When Liam cupped a breast before tweaking the hard, sensitive nipple, she cried out, the sound muffled by Preston’s mouth.

A whimper escaped when Gabe caressed large, calloused hands up and down her bare legs. When he got to her knees, he spread her legs farther apart. Elsa sucked air into her oxygen-depleted lungs, opening her eyes at the same time. She looked down her body to see Gabe sequestered between her thighs, lying on his belly with his long, muscular legs hanging off the end of the bed, and he was staring at her pussy.

Liam leaned over, slanting his mouth over hers. She opened to him immediately, eager for another tongue-dueling, lusty kiss. All the while their tongues tangled, he molded and kneaded her breast, occasionally pinching her nipple, sending arrows of pleasure zipping down to her pussy.

A shiver racked up her spine when she felt hot moist breath blowing onto her wet pussy, and just as she broke the kiss to gasp in air, Preston and Liam struck at the same time.

Preston lifted her breast as he lowered his head, swirling his tongue around her areola before licking over the achy peak. Liam lowered his head to her other breast, lapping at her nipple before drawing it into his mouth. Preston drew her other nub into his warm, wet mouth before both brothers began sucking on the tips with firm suction.

Elsa cried out, bowing her chest up toward them, hoping to get more of the delectable pleasure as she tried to ease the achiness. And then she stopped breathing altogether.

Gabe swiped his tongue up through her wet folds before laving it over her clit.

Molten liquid desire pooled low in her belly as cream dripped from her pussy.

“Hmm,” Gabe hummed, causing her clit to vibrate, making her belly muscles jump. “So fucking sweet.”

She gazed down at him, finding him watching her. His hazel eyes were ablaze with hunger, and as she stared into those sexy eyes, Elsa felt as if she was falling into him. “My bear loves your honey, honey.”

Elsa couldn’t have smiled if she’d been paid to. As soon as Gabe finished speaking, he lowered his head back to her pussy. She cried out as he twirled his tongue around and around her clit, but without touching the engorged pearl. She wanted to fist her hands in his hair, yank his mouth closer while she rubbed her clit on his mouth, but she wasn’t sure that would go down so well, and she wasn’t that brave or confident.

She didn’t notice she was clutching at Preston’s and Liam’s hair until they reached up to grasp her wrists. As soon as she opened her fingers, they pinned her arms to the mattress above her head.

Elsa had never felt so vulnerable or so turned on in her life. She had no control over what they did, or what was happening to her body, and while it was frustratingly pleasurable, it was also freeing. She didn’t need to worry about doing something wrong since she couldn’t move her arms or legs. Gabe’s muscular arms were wrapped around her upper thighs, holding her legs wide open while he licked on her pussy.

It was the most erotic experience in her life. It was also the first taste of making love she’d had, and now she wanted more. Her pussy clenched with a yearning so strong she couldn’t hold back her sob of hungry need.

Liam released her nipple. “You like that, sugar? Do you like Gabe licking your wet cunt?”

“Oh god,” she moaned.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Gabe rasped out after lifting his mouth from her pussy. “If you like that, then you’re going to love this.”

She cried out as Gabe rapidly flicked his tongue back and forth over her throbbing clit while pressing the tip of a finger into her wet entrance.

“I’ll bet she’s tight,” Preston panted between words.

“You have no fucking idea,” Gabe rumbled against her sensitive pearl, causing her to whimper.

“I need…” Elsa’s words faded away as her mind went blank. Gabe had pushed his finger further into her pussy and was now slowly pumping it in and out, gaining more depth each time he pressed forward.

“We know what you need, sugar.” Liam nipped her earlobe before sucking the small morsel into his mouth. She gasped and groaned, trying to buck her hips up as nerve endings sparked to life.

“Suck those gorgeous tits,” Gabe ordered.

Preston and Liam obeyed Gabe’s command, both of them lowering their heads back toward her chest before sucking her nipples into their mouths.

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