Alaskan Sabears 1 – No Contest

Being a supermodel is not all glitz and glamour. The constant demands and the stalkerish obsessions of some “fans”.

Celeste jumps at the offer to visit with a good friend on the island of Savoonga, off the coast of Alaskan. Remote and a place she can hide and relax.

Alaskan Sabears 1 - No Contest by Becca VanTarik sucked on her lips and then somehow got her tongue into his mouth and sucked on that, too. Heat raced through her veins and liquid desire pooled low in her belly. Her clit was throbbing along with her heartbeat, but it was also pulsing each time his denim-covered dick pressed against her wet folds and sensitive engorged pearl.

She froze when another set of hands caressed up her sides, but she couldn’t help relaxing into Tarik Alaskan when he slanted his mouth and deepened the kiss further. She gasped when Hodge cupped her breasts from behind and was about to pull away, but she ended up moaning into Tarik’s mouth when Hodge strummed his thumbs over her hard-throbbing nipples.

Each time she inhaled through her nose the tantalizing scent of their combined aromas of spice and earth invaded her olfactory senses and she could smell the musky fragrance of their desire. Excited desire rolled through her belly, slickening her folds with juices but deep in the recess of her mind a warning niggle sparked to life. She shouldn’t be doing this and though the reason was buried in her subconscious, she couldn’t bring it to the front of her mind. She was drowning in sensation, and it felt so fucking good that she never wanted it to stop.

Celeste had never felt like this in her life and she wanted to see where it led, where the culmination would crescendo.

Her moan of need was muffled by Tarik’s mouth when he slid one hand up into her hair and cupped the back of her head. With Hodge at her back, she felt as if this was where she was supposed to be. Safe and secure in their arms.

Tarik broke the kiss and then licked and nibbled up and down her neck. When Hodge squeezed her nipples between his fingers and thumbs she couldn’t stop the compulsive arching of her upper body as she pushed her breasts into his touch. A soft whimper emitted from her parted lips when Hodge began to pluck and pinch on her sensitive nubs and she began to rock her hips in sync to Tarik’s guiding hands.

“So fucking sexy,” Hodge rasped into her ear, sending another shiver up and down her spine. He nipped and sucked on her earlobe and she cried out with pleasure when his tongue delved into her ear canal.

The warmth that was heating her blood lifted another degree or two when Tarik’s hand slipped under the waistband of her jeans and under her panties. Having his callused warm skin against her bare ass was amazingly good and without even thinking about what she was doing, Celeste braced a little more of her weight onto her knees, lifting her lower body off of his thighs.

“Oh yeah.” Tarik sucked on the sensitive spot just beneath her ear. “So slick and hot.”

A thick finger dipped into her entrance, glided up through her folds and swirled around her throbbing clit. She gasped and groaned, her body trembling as the liquefied pleasure pooling in her belly began to spread. Celeste could feel herself melting and wondered if she would end up a puddle of water on the floor at their feet. Just as her brain tried to take over, Tarik began rubbing over her clit.

The pressure inside grew tauter, the heat grew hotter, and she felt as if she was about to go up in flames. Her pussy muscles rippled and twitched, her internal walls contracted closer together as the coil inside tightened.

Tarik groaned against her neck before he suckled on the skin firmly. She felt the blood rise to the surface and had no doubt he was leaving a mark on her. Hodge pushed his hands beneath her long-sleeved shirt and up toward her breasts. Her bra was pushed up and over her breasts. She cried out with pleasure when Hodge massaged the naked globes and sobbed with joy when he flicked over her nipples with his thumbs.

A low guttural sound emitted from her mouth when Tarik penetrated her cunt with the broad tip of a finger as he continued to stroke her clit.

The flames engulfed her whole body as the pressure inside of her exploded. She screamed with rapture as she came apart in their arms. She shivered and shuddered as her pussy palpitated in ecstasy. Stars detonated before her eyes in bright bursts of white light as cream wept from her cunt. All the while she was coming, Tarik and Hodge continued to stimulate her breasts, vagina, and clit until she was so sensitive it was almost painful. The aftershocks waned taking her strength with them and she flopped down against Tarik.

Hodge had removed his hands from her breasts and now he was caressing up and down her bare back.

Celeste had no idea how they’d gotten past her defenses, but now that she had a taste of the pleasure she’d heard so much about, she wanted more. She should have been embarrassed, but she just couldn’t drum up the energy to waste it on something she couldn’t change. Plus, she’d liked everything these two men had done to her.

However, now that her body was no longer ruling her mind, the niggle of wariness she’d tried to remember before stood front and center in her thoughts. She sat up quickly and scrambled sideways off of Tarik’s lap, adjusting her bra and shirt as she moved. When her feet touched the floor, she realized that her jeans were undone and slipping from her hips. How they’d managed to do that without her awareness she had no clue. She turned her back on the two men frowning at her, pulled the zipper up, and refastened the button of her jeans.

After taking a deep fortifying breath she turned back around to face them and asked angrily, “How did you know about the stalker? Did Tammy tell you?”

When a stalker finds and follows Celeste to Savoonga, she is kidnapped.

This kidnapper had only heard whispers of Sabears, now could get to meet them face to face. But only if Tarik and Hodge are quick enough to save her.

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