Alaskan Sabears 1 - No Contest by Becca Van

Celeste “Celestial” Marsden is a supermodel and is being stalked. She sees the creepy man following her at every photo shoot and even suspects he’s been in her hotel room while she was working. When she gets an invite to visit her college friend Tamara Parks, Celeste jumps at the chance.
Tarik Parks and Hodge Holmes have been best friends since they were young kids and do everything together. The moment Tarik carries his sister’s friend from the plane wreck, he and Hodge know that Celeste is their mate. However, they’re not sure they’ll be able to convince the famous supermodel to give up a life of glitz and glamor to be with them on a cold, desolate island. But that’s not their only fear. Most of the men living on St. Lawrence Island are shifters.
How are they supposed to tell their mate that they can transform into an animal that is a mix of a polar bear and the extinct saber-toothed tiger?

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