A Man’s World 3 – Roxy’s Flight Instructors

A Man’s World 3 – Roxy’s Flight Instructors. Roxanne, a strong and determined woman with only one goal in her sights, to become the senior pilot of a jet plane. Sexist, obnoxious taunts from some of her senior co-pilots continue to shake her confidence, and strengthen her resolve.

Her flight simulator instructors, brothers Dusty, Booker and Stefan, become more than a fantasy distraction. Roxy finds danger on the ground an in the air. Can the brothers keep her safe? Will she be able to admit her feeling for them?

Read the following Adult Excerpt of Roxy’s Flight Instructors, you will want to read this book by Becca Van.

A Man's World 3 – Roxy's Flight Instructors - By Becca Van“I want you, Roxy. We all do. Will you let us love you?” Book asked in a voice raspy with need.

Roxy inhaled and then exhaled before looking over at Dusty, who was standing beside him, and then she looked over her shoulder at Stefan, who was standing behind her. Her mouth opened but she snapped it closed again when nothing came out and he tensed in preparation of her rejection, but the refusal never came. Instead she nodded her head and reached out for him.

Booker wanted to kiss her again but he knew if he did that he wouldn’t want to stop. First he needed to get her naked and then he and his brothers could show her just how good the four of them could be together. He reached for the hem of her shirt and when she looked down at his hands and then back up into his eyes, he quirked his eyebrow in question.

Again she nodded and without any preamble he lifted the shirt up and over her head. He groaned when he saw her luscious perky breasts topped with hard brown-pink nipples, and although his first instinct was to taste those sweet little berries, he threw her shirt aside and hooked his thumbs into the side of the boxers she was wearing. As he drew them down over her hips, legs, and off over her feet, he tried to calm his breathing and his raging lust.

This was about Roxy first and foremost. He needed to show her how much pleasure they could give her before he even thought about entering her sweet, wet pussy. He inhaled the musky odor of her desire and closed his eyes for a moment just to relish her honeyed perfume, but her naked body was burned into his retinas and he wanted to see more of her.

He forced his eyes open and nodded to Stefan. Between the two of them they carefully eased her down until she was laid out on the table like a delectable feast. And that was what he was about to do. Feast on her sexy naked body.

Stefan bent over at the waist and slanted his mouth over hers. Roxy whimpered and moaned, reaching back to hook her hands at the back of Stef’s neck.

Dusty shifted closer until he was palming her breasts in his big tanned hands, kneading and massaging those soft globes of femininity before strumming his thumb over one tight bud and then sucking the other into his mouth.

Roxy moaned and arched her chest up as if begging for more and Booker could do nothing but acquiesce to her silent demands.

He hooked his arms around her thighs, opened her legs wider, and lifted them up toward her body. He growled with appreciation when he saw her glistening, puffy aroused folds, and his mouth watered as he hooked an ankle around his chair and brought it in close before he sat down and scooted forward even more. He lowered his head and took a long slow lick.

She tasted so fucking good, sweet and tart, and he wanted more. So much more. Book flicked the tip of his tongue over her clit and smiled when she mewled. He loved the little sounds of passion she made but he wanted her to scream his name before he was done.

He sucked that little bud into his mouth and suckled on it gently and she pushed her hips up into his mouth and her thighs jerked in his hands. Book wrapped his arms around her legs more securely, placed the palm of one hand over her pubis and lower abdomen, and then he used a finger to rim her dripping hole.

She cried out and shoved her pussy up tighter against his mouth and then he began to penetrate her. She was so fucking tight and wet, and hot, he could barely wait to get his cock inside her and love her until she couldn’t walk, but he wanted her to come before he did that.

Book released her clit from his lips, laved his tongue over the little pearl quickly, like a cat hungry for cream. He licked, slurped and drank down her sweetness as he began to pump his finger in and out of her cunt.

Taking care not hurt her or press too hard, he searched out that little rough spot inside her and growled when she twitched and jerked when he found it. He added another finger, stretching her tight flesh and walls and began to drive them in and out of her pussy. The noises coming from her mouth were muffled by Stefan’s as he continued to kiss her but then his brother released her lips, nudged Dusty’s hand from her breast, and sucked her nipple into his mouth.

Roxy cried out as she writhed and wriggled beneath their hands and mouths. Dusty placed a hand on her ribs just below her breasts and held her down.

Roxanne’s strength and determination to succeed in this male dominated profession is inspirational. Her resolve and professionalism is commendable. Her men are deliciously rewarding. Another strong character in the third installment of A Man’s World, brought to you by Becca Van.

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