A Man’s World 2 – Detective Shea

A Man’s World 2 – Detective Shea. Detective Lori Shea, attractive, overachieving and ambitious. The negative reactions from colleagues has a habit of driving her on, more determined and tenacious than ever. Romance is just not something she has the time to commit to. Can the Stanford brothers break into her heart?

As Lori gets closer to the criminal she is chasing, her safety is compromised. The brothers will do anything to protect her, but will she allow them to be close enough to let them?

Read the following Adult Excerpt of Detective Shea for a feel of this story.

A Man's World 2 – Detective SheaA finger stroked down the side of her face and then caressed over her chin and nudged it up. Warm fingers threaded through her hair until they were cupping the back of her head and neck, and then firm yet soft lips brushed back and forth over hers.

When Ward’s tongue swiped across her lips, she groaned, and then he pushed it into her mouth, swirled it around as if trying to taste all of her, and then back to glide along hers. She never felt or tasted anything so damn good, and she wanted more. Without conscious thought, her arms moved and her fingers gripped his head, threading through his soft, silky hair. He moaned, and she felt that sound reverberate throughout her entire body, making her toes curl under.

The quilt and sheet slid over her skin as they were pulled away, and she shivered when the cooler ambient air touched her heated flesh. Goose bumps rose up all over her body, and a shudder wracked her frame.

The mattress dipped near her feet, and when large masculine hands began to caress up and down her legs, she broke the kiss and gasped in great lungfuls of air, and her eyes popped open.

Ward was leaning up on his elbow, looking down at her with such heat in his eyes, it was a wonder he hadn’t singed the skin from her body. She took another deep breath and looked over her shoulder to find Scott in much the same pose as his brother, but in the mirror image. And that was when she realized that Colby had to be near her feet.

Swiveling her head, she looked down the length of her body and connected with his hungry gaze. She closed her eyes and slumped back onto the pillow and tried to get her raging arousal under control, but it seemed an impossibility when three sexy, handsome men were looking at her as if she was the answer to all their prayers.

Ward’s hand left the back of her head and neck, and then he stroked a finger down her nose. Her eyelids lifted, and she was once more looking into his heated gaze.

“We want to show you how good it can be between us, baby. Will you let us make you feel good?”

As much as she knew she was probably setting herself up to be knocked on her ass, a world of pain after they got what they wanted, she couldn’t deny them. The sexual chemistry between them was so intense, she couldn’t refuse Ward’s request. She wanted to know what it was like to be touched by a man, men. She wanted to know what all the poets and songwriters wrote about and what the women so often talked about.

Lori knew she was setting herself up for a fall, but she needed their touch right now more than she needed her next breath of air. Her body was on fire and had been simmering from the first moment these three men had walked into her office, but it wasn’t just physical desire for them that had her wanting their touch. Although that was electric and sparked her body whenever they were close. They had somehow managed to get under her skin, and even though she still had the walls up around her heart, she could feel them worming their way into that organ. The ice was slowly melting, and she didn’t think she could do a damn thing to stop it.

But right now her desire was so strong, it felt like it was consuming her, and she wanted them touching her.

“Yes,” she finally whispered her reply.

“Thank you, baby.” Ward kissed her softly on the lips. “We promise you’re safe with us.”

Lori just hoped that what he said was true, but then he leaned down and started kissing her and all thought fled.

This time, his kiss was rapacious and fierce as his tongue pressed into her mouth, tangled with hers, and she kissed him back just as hungrily. The T-shirt she was wearing was pushed up and over her breasts, and she actually felt her areolae ruche and her nipples harden. When a hot wet tongue laved over one sensitive peak, she cried out, only to have it swallowed up by Ward’s mouth.

Colby’s hands had been still on her legs while he awaited her answer, but they weren’t still anymore. One hand caressed the top of her foot, making her toes tingle, and the other one slowly rubbed up over her shin, knee, and thigh.

Ward broke the kiss this time, and then between him and Scott, they eased her from her side and onto her back.

“Help her up,” Scott said.

Ward lifted her shoulders from the bed, and then the T-shirt she was wearing was pulled up and off over her head, and she was eased back down again.

“Fucking incredible,” Ward said in a husky voice.

“So sexy,” Scott rasped. “I love those hard dusky berries. I wonder if they taste as good as they look.”

That was all the warning she got, because Scott swooped down and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth and drew on it firmly. Lori arched up into his mouth and cried out as zings of pleasure raced through her veins, heating her blood until she thought it would start boiling. But when Ward leaned down and started doing the same to her other nipple, she thought she would go insane from the interminable ache that intensified inside her.

When she felt Colby’s fingers dip under the waistband of her panties on either side of her hips, she lifted them up to help him get them off. And then his hands were on the inside of her thighs, pushing her legs apart. Cool air hit her wet heated folds, and then the mattress dipped, and hot air was blown across her dripping pussy.


Lori Shea is a driven woman. Find out how her story fits into the second instalment of A Man’s World, by Becca Van.

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