A Man’s World 1 – Savage Construction

This new series from Becca Van is focused on some strong women who succeed in “A Man’s World.”

A Man’s World 1 – Savage Construction takes Gypsy Savage, a second generation construction worker, back home to run her fathers business, with extreme opposition.

Being taken seriously as a female in this industry has always had it’s problems for Gypsy. Working her fathers business, she has to prove to herself she is up to the task.

The following is an Adult Excerpt from this latest book. Another excellent story from Becca Van, with plenty of drama and conflict.

A Man's World 1 – Savage ConstructionLeo opened his mouth over hers and pushed his tongue inside. She tasted so sweet and so right, he couldn’t get enough. He growled into her mouth when he felt her arms come up around his neck, and he wrapped an arm around her hips and pulled her closer against his. Gypsy shifted her legs further apart and he pressed her shorts-clad pussy against his crotch. She whimpered and held onto him tighter as she kissed him back just as hungrily as he was kissing her. When he was in danger of lying her down on the counter, stripping her naked and shoving his hard cock into her wet pussy, he knew he needed to stop, before things got totally out of hand and he gave her an excuse to back away from them.

He slowed the kiss until he was sipping at her lips and finally lifted his head. Her eyes were glazed over with desire, her lips were puffy and red from his kisses, and she was panting. She looked so damn sexy it was hard for him to move away, but he needed to give his brothers a turn with her. No doubt they were craving their first kiss with their woman, too.

Perry immediately took his place and without giving her time to back away or accept his moves, he started kissing her rapaciously. It was the hottest thing Leo had ever seen. Gypsy clung to Perry and opened her mouth wide to accept his tongue into her mouth. Each time Perry thrust his tongue into her she arched and pushed her chest up as if she was begging to be touched. He wondered what she would do if all three of them started touching and caressing her together.

When Perry broke the kiss he moved aside to let Ivan close to her, Ivan didn’t hesitate. He shoved his hands under her tight little ass, scooped her up into his arms, and slanted his mouth over hers. Gypsy mewled and moaned as she gripped Ivan with her arms and legs. She wiggled and undulated her hips as if seeking relief from the ache deep down inside her. Ivan palmed both her ass cheeks and held her tight against him as he ground his crotch into hers.

Gypsy’s moans and groans got louder when Ivan broke the kiss, and then he began to lick and nibble his way down her neck. He carried her back to the counter, lowered her ass into the top, and pushed her tank top up as he kissed his way down over her shoulder and arm.

When he exposed her full, lush breasts topped with hard brown nipples and areolae, Leo couldn’t stand back watching anymore. He looked over at Perry and saw that his brother was horny as he was and they were both craving more of Gypsy.

But would she let all of them touch her at the same time?


* * * *


Gypsy was so hungry and horny for them she was trembling. The first touch of Leo’s lips against hers and she had been lost. When Perry and then Ivan had kissed her she sank further into their web of desire and she didn’t want them to stop.

When Ivan placed her back on the counter and pushed her tank up to expose her breasts she knew she should have started protesting but she didn’t want to. The more he touched and kissed her the more she wanted. She never felt so needy in her life and the pleasure she was experiencing was more than she’d ever dreamed possible.

She cried out when two warm, wet mouths latched onto her nipples and began suckling firmly. Shards of pleasure shot down from her breasts, straight to her clit and pussy. Her internal muscles clenched and cream dripped out to coat her labial lips. When hands tugged at her shorts she lifted her hips and mewled when cool air wafted against her hot, drenched folds.

Large, manly hands caressed up her inner thighs and she widened her legs. Fingers caressed up and down her slit and she moaned at the exquisite sensations. Her head moved restlessly on the counter and she lifted her head, opening her heavy eyelids just as Ivan lowered his mouth to her cunt.

Her hips bucked up when his tongue licked from her vagina, up through her petals and over her clit. When Leo released her nipple with a pop she groaned in protest, but her groan was muffled when he covered her mouth with his. His large hand cupped the back of her neck and head, supporting her as he ravaged her mouth. She swirled and twirled her tongue around his and ate at his mouth rapaciously. Fingers squeezed her neglected nipple and then she sobbed with relief and pleasure when Ivan began to push a finger up inside her pussy as he laved her clit with his tongue.

“Mmm,” Ivan moaned against her cunt, sending vibrations deep inside, causing more cream to drip out. He lifted his head and met her eyes. “You taste so good, sweetheart. All hot, spicy, and sweet. I can’t get enough of your delectable cream.”

When Leo released her mouth she was gasping for breath, but Ivan’s sexy, erotic words echoed through her mind, and her body responded to the carnality of his dirty talk. A fresh wave of lust swept over her, forcing more juices from her pussy.

“Oh. My…” Gypsy couldn’t finish what she was going to say. The words drifted from her mind when Ivan lowered his head and started licking and fingering her again. He thrust his thick finger in and out a few times and then he added another one. With each press forward he increased the pace of his pumping fingers and the pressure inside began to build. Her muscles became taut and her insides and pussy were so hot they felt like they were on fire.

Gypsy Savage had to escaped her fathers shadow to develop her trade craft and prove she could stand alone, to herself. Being drawn back to run her fathers business, now she has to prove to her employees she is more than a pretty face.

A great new series by Becca Van, you know you want it.Bookstrand GIF

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