A Man's World 1 – Savage Construction

Gypsy Savage has spent the last five years trying to establish a career in “A Man’s World” within the construction industry. It’s really hard to get co-workers to take her seriously, but she has learnt to ignore the disparaging remarks regarding her femininity, or lack thereof.
Leo, Perry, and Ivan Chadwick are drawn to the confident, feisty, sexy Gypsy and will do everything they can to get themselves firmly entrenched into her heart and bed. But she has a chip on her shoulder concerning the male gender and keeps pushing them away.
The three men are determined to show Gypsy that the ignorant men she has associated with previously were totally wrong to label her with malicious nicknames, but getting her to believe is a lot harder than they expected.
When she gets hurt and her life is threatened, the three Chadwick brothers will do anything to keep her safe. But nothing is at it seems.

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