Slick Rock 1 Slick Rock Cowboys – A Becca Van Erotic Romance Western Menage

Slick Rock 1 – Slick Rock Cowboys

Tara Rustle has just spent her twenty-third birthday alone, just like her last six birthdays. She arrives home from work to find her home burning to the ground. This event is the crux of Tara’s grief for the mother she lost six years previously and the loneliness she has endured, and she snaps.
Tara wakes up in the arms of two sexy, masculine men in the town of Slick Rock Colorado, Clay and Johnny Morten, with no memory. She feels comfortable with the two men, so when they offer her a job cooking for them on their ranch, she accepts their offer. Little does she know the two men were once her childhood neighbors.
Tara’s memory returns. Clay and Johnny set about seducing the one woman they have lusted after for years. Everything seems to be progressing nicely, until an old flame of Johnny and Clay’s turns up. Celia is insane and threatens Tara’s life.
Will Clay and Johnny get to Tara in time to save her from a crazy ex-lover? Or will Celia win and end Tara’s life?

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