Pack Law 4 – Werewolf Mates – A Becca Van Erotic Romance Story

Pack Law 4 – Werewolf Mates

Samantha Winters has been on the run for six long months. Tired and broke, she lands in Aztec, New Mexico, looking for work.
Meeting Justin, Roan, and Chet Domain is a godsend since they offer her a job at the Aztec Club and a place to stay. Little does she know, the three men are werewolves and she is their mate.
The three brothers have their work cut out for them convincing Sam that she is their mate and they are meant to be together. Samantha is drawn to the three men and, though cautious, wants to be near them. She finally concedes to be their mate and is happy submitting to them in the bedroom, but danger follows Sam to Aztec.
Can the three werewolves keep her safe from the danger stalking her?
Or will they be too late to save her?

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