Pack Law 3 – Mate For Three – A Becca Van Erotic Romance Story

Pack Law 3 – Mate For Three

Talia Black is on the run from her ex-husband and ends up stranded on a country road in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire and no spare. Dr. Blayk Friess arrives on the scene and offers her a place to stay.
Blayk Friess and his brothers Chris and James know Talia is their mate. They set about wooing her into their hearts and beds, as well as trying to protect her from the danger following her.
Her ex arrives on the scene and wants to experiment on her by changing her DNA and turning her into a werewolf. Talia escapes from him only to end up in the clutches of a mobster. He has plans of ruling all the werewolves with Talia at his side as his mate.
Talia’s life hangs in the balance, literally and figuratively.
Can her mates get to her in time?

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