Pack Law 2 – Keira’s Wolf Saviors – A Becca Van Erotic Romance Story

Pack Law 2 – Keira’s Wolf Saviors

Keira O’Lachlan, a wealthy heiress, is on the run from her brother, who intends to kill her and help himself to her money. Too afraid to leave a paper trail by accessing her bank account, she runs out of cash after about a month on the road. She walks into the Aztec Club in Aztec, New Mexico, and asks about a job.
She is bewildered and nervous to find herself surrounded by three of the hottest men she has ever seen. Brothers Jake, Greg, and Devon Domain hire her to tend to the club’s books, offering her a place to stay in the meantime. Without much choice, and intrigued by the brothers, Keira jumps at the chance.
Will the three werewolves be able to woo Keira into their hearts and bed?
Or will her brother and his cronies succeed in eliminating her?

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