Symptoms, Ailments, And A Stubborn Male ?


Rambling On… 14 May 2021.

So many allergies can cause problems, discomfit and worse.

As you all know I have a lot of food intolerances. I have a condition which is called FODMAP. I can’t eat onion or garlic as it makes me feel sick. I can’t eat fresh corn on the cob or corn derived food such as corn chips and not just because of the added flavour which usually almost always contains onion and garlic. Actually, onion and garlic are in so many things, so I have to read labels when buying food at the supermarket carefully. Sometimes those labels are so small, shiny, and are difficult to read, but using my mobile phone and taking a photo so I can enlarge the ingredient list is a big help.

Anyway, I didn’t start this ramble because of me.

My man had a cold last weekend and wasn’t feeling great. However, he is lucky, has a great immune system, and hardly ever gets sick. If he ever gets a cold or the flu, his symptoms aren’t bad and don’t last that long. Not this time though. He’s still blowing his nose nearly a week later, but I’m not sure it’s just because he has a cold.

On Monday even though he still went to work, actually hasn’t taken a day off, he complained of being itchy.

Tuesday night he came home from work and said he had a rash. I asked him to show me and when he took his top off, I got worried. He was covered in a red rash with white welts on his chest, his sides, legs, feet, and hands. Even his neck and face were covered. I told him to go to the doctor, tried to call an after hours clinic but they were booked out. Getting up early on Wednesday my man managed to get a morning appointment with a doctor close by.

Turns out he didn’t have shingles like I thought he could. I was also worried he might have Ross River fever which is spread by mosquitoes that are prevalent in our area right now and can be quite debilitating.

He had an allergic reaction and neither of us can work out what to. We haven’t eaten anything different from what we normally eat, haven’t done anything differently at all.

He’s on antihistamines for the itchiness and the rash is gone. Thankfully.

The last time he had shingles he ended up in hospital because the virus attacked his heart. Luckily, there was no scarring on his heart and once he was better, he was back to his normal self.

Isn’t it amazing how we worry more about our loved ones when they aren’t well than we do about ourselves?

He’s feeling better but annoyed about blowing his nose more than normal. That said, he hasn’t taken any time off work either so of course he hasn’t rested and will take longer to get over whatever he has.

I’m going to make sure he rests over the weekend and hopefully the last of his symptoms will disappear.

Stay safe, sane, happy, and healthy.

Love Becca Van xxoo






What Have I Been Writing?


I’m still writing Slick Rock 34: Miracle. You’ll understand my reasoning behind my title if and when Siren BookStrand decides whether they want to publish my book or not.

I really like my heroine and the heroes in this story. The emotional connection between them is strong.

Slick Rock 31 - Wild and Reckless - by Becca Van




Pack Law 12 :             

                Loving Perfection


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The Alpha Province Collection - Volume 1


The Alpha Province Collection – Volume 1

If you haven’t tried the Alpha Province series yet, try it now!

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Released March 18.


Slick Rock 33 - Wild and Loving by Becca Van



Slick Rock 33:
                   Wild and Loving


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Release Date April 30


Slick Rock 32 - Wild and Free - By Becca Van

Slick Rock 32:

                      Wild and Free

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Release Date April 2

What Have I Been Reading?

Grace Goodwin’s Trinity: Ascension Saga: Books 1, 2, & 3. (Volume 1) (Interstellar Brides Program Ascension Saga)

I’ve just completed reading Grace Goodwin’s Trinity: Ascension Saga: Books 1, 2, & 3. (Volume 1) (Interstellar Brides Program Ascension Saga).

If you read this story, be prepared to read about Trinity’s sisters, Faith and Destiny as the story continues from one sister to the other. This is an intriguing Sci-Fi romance with steamy scenes and some action.

I will leave it there for now.
Enjoy your week ahead, until next week.


Becca Van XXOO

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