Sugar Creek 3 – Sara's Mates

Sara Wise is skeptical when Chase and Tony Avero tell her she is their mate.
She isn’t sure she wants a relationship with one man, let alone two. She has spent years working her way up the corporate ladder and just when her goal is in sight, they come along and make her rethink everything.
She leaves the Sugar Creek Pack after attending her sister’s wedding, but she can’t get the two men out of her mind. When they arrive on her doorstep and they begin to court her, she can’t resist.
Can she accept the two dominant men into her life and still do what she wants, building her career?
When they rescue her from a rogue Alpha and his cohorts from a fate worse than death, Sara comprehends that Tony and Chase mean more to her than she first knew.
But there is more danger in their midst, and none of them even realize it.

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