Soul Sentinel 2 - Pen and Paser by Becca Van

Pentu Chatha and Paser Ebo are astounded to find their mate being attacked by a shadow demon and a soulless human. They kill their enemies and convince Nina Page to come home with them so they can protect her.
Nina is scared out of her mind and agrees to the two men’s protection, but believing what she’s experienced and what she’s told is hard to digest. She’d never imagined that shadow demons even existed let alone targeted her. Nor that she would find even one man interested in having a relationship with her, but Pen and Paser are convinced she’s their mate.
Nina decides she wants to train to become a sentinel, too, and although she works hard she doesn’t believe she’ll ever be good enough to take down the demonic or even the possessed humans. When she is taken by the demonic into the underworld, Nina will face the greatest battle of her life.

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