Slick Rock 9 - Capturing Kylie - By Becca Van

Kylie Mailing heads to Slick Rock, Colorado for her best friend, Eva Woodridge’s wedding. There she meets Eva’s fiancés cousins’, Xavier, Lachlan and William Badon and the sparks fly.
But Kylie has a secret and she is scared to get into a relationship and keeps the three Badon cousins at arm’s length for as long as possible. When the three retired, professionally trained bodyguards find out her life is in danger, they vow to protect her.
An attempt is made on Kylie’s life and the Sheriff is brought in, but since the authorities in her hometown of Sheridan, Colorado and Slick Rock don’t know who is after Kylie their job is so much harder. An alert is put out among the men of the small rural town to be on the lookout for strangers but the stalker manages to abduct Kylie.
Will the Badon cousins be able to save her in time?

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