Slick Rock 12 - Loving Sanctuary - By Becca Van

Sabrina Monroe has just found out something she shouldn’t about her boss, Harvey Noble, the founder of Integrated Computers and Software, and knows she’s in deep trouble. She hightails it out of town and bus hops for two weeks straight. Hungry, sick, and tired, she ends up stranded in Slick Rock, Colorado and collapses in a heap.
Trick, Trent, and Tristan Wendall are attracted to Sabrina, and after the sheriff runs a check on her, and the doctor diagnoses her, they take her back to their place so she can rest and recuperate. When they find out Sab’s in danger they hide her away at a friend’s ranch just outside of town, hoping to keep her safe until the people after her are arrested. But how can the law capture someone when they don’t know who they’re looking for? When Sabrina is abducted, the Wendall men and the authorities aren’t sure they’ll find her in time.

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