Slave Gold 4 - United Alliance by Becca Van

River Caisson never expected to find a slave gold bracelet wrapped around her upper arm after a beautiful dark-haired woman bumped into her on her way home from work. And she never expected to somehow end up on an alien planet called Safura, surrounded by handsome men with glowing purple pupils. Nor did she expect the four leaders of Safura to claim that she is their mate. Stryk, Palk, Toak, and Hakk Mag are astounded when a female appears on their table in the feasting room, but as soon as they touch her they know she is meant to be theirs.
Convincing River is another matter. The four men aren’t her only concern. While researching everything about the enemy, the Pendags, the four Mag brothers are trying to talk the leaders of Aeros, Cardinal, and Zennox into a united alliance, but the other leaders aren’t sure they want an alliance.
It’s up to River and three other human women to convince them otherwise.

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