Slave Gold 3 – Darcy's Zennoxian Mates

Froz, Drac, Plat, Lowl, and Cark Bim see a flash of light in the distance while out on border patrol on their planet, Zennox, and go to investigate. At first they think the female seemingly asleep in the middle of nowhere is a trap, but discover no one is around and are worried the female is ill or hurt.
When Darcy Archer first wakes up and finds herself on a different planet and surrounded by five very tall, muscular men, she freaks out. But for some reason she is drawn to them like no other man before and her body responds to their handsome faces and manly physiques. When she finds out that they think she’s their mate, she is uncertain about what she wants to do, but the more time she spends with them, the more she craves their touch.
But other warriors have heard about and seen her and want her for their own. Darcy has some hard decisions to make, but will they be the right ones? And will she decide in time?

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