Saving Emily by Becca Van

Emily is being abused by her brother Chris Thistle, but he is her only living relative so she hides his abuse.
She’s been living and working on the McCade Ranch and pining after her two bosses, Cole and Adam, for six long years, but she doesn’t think the two men see her as anything other than a sister figure.
When her brother beats her so bad she can’t get out of bed and Cole and Adam discover what’s been going on, they fire her brother and kick him off their ranch.
Cole and Adam have been waiting for Emily to grow up and have known that she is the woman for them.
The two Alpha males plan to keep Emily by their side permanently until she is abducted by a ranch hand her brother owes money to.
Will they rescue her in time?
Will she choose to marry one over the other?
Or will they all get what they want?

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