Passion, Victoria 4 - Beth's Saviors

Lisa McDonald, aka Elizabeth Lamb, witnessed a dirty cop killing an innocent man in cold blood just over three years ago. She has been on the run ever since. Beth has been living in the town of Passion, Victoria, for a little under two years and is beginning to relax and live a normal life.
Noah D’Angelo and Zachary Beech meet Beth on a night out and know she is perfect for them.
When trouble comes to Passion, Zach calls his brother, Tomas, to help protect their woman. Tom is instantly drawn to the feisty woman and the three men decide they will share Beth if she agrees, but danger follows her to Passion and her life is in danger. Beth is kidnapped by the dirty cop and all seems lost. Will her three men get to her in time and become her saviors? Or will they be too late?

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