Passion, Victoria 3 - Tasha's Story

Natasha Cameron is a twenty-two year-old virgin and is afraid of physical and emotional intimacy. She is a beautiful, vibrant, young woman and captures the interest of two handsome, rugged, sexy Irish men. The Gallagher brothers, Jason and Sean, have moved their business and home to be closer to Natasha so they can court her.
Tasha finds herself living in the spare room of the Gallagher brothers so she can launch her career as an artist. The two brothers end up seducing Tasha, but she catches them with another woman and is hurting over their infidelity, so she packs her bags and leaves.
Jason and Sean have their work cut out for them, as they try to find Tasha and win back her love and affection, so they can continue in the pursuit of enticing her into a polyandrous relationship. Will they succeed or is it too late?

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