Passion, Victoria - Jewel Of A Jillaroo by Becca Van

Jewel Ellesworth heads south to the town of Passion, in Victoria after being attacked on a cattle station three hours outside of Alice Springs. She has spent eight long years running and searching, but no idea from what, or for.
Ash, Callum, Heath, and Finch hire Jewel on as a farm hand and know she could be the woman they have been waiting for. But it’s hard to court a woman who is so close-mouthed all the time.
Jewel has never listened to the voice inside herself, but after meeting the handsome, buff Handley men she can no longer ignore it. Nor the way her body lights up around the four men. But before she can accept them into her life, she has to get to know herself first. It’s a shocking revelation when she realises she’s been searching for love and somewhere to belong. But will she get her HEA?

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