It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas ??

Sorry there was no newsletter last week, but after work on Friday, my man had to go to potential client’s places to do quotes and another couple early on Saturday morning. By the time he got home, it was too late to schedule the newsletter.

My husband was home all day today but not because he wasn’t working. We both were. I was doing an edit and he was cutting up wood for a customer’s fence order.

He had a stack of 18-foot-long lengths of wood which needed to be cut into 3 6-foot pieces and then those 6-foot pieces needed to be sawed into an inch square 6-foot length. It was difficult to concentrate with his saws going all day long, but I finished my edit and sent it back to my publisher.

My poor man is only halfway through his work and will need to work all day tomorrow as well. Saturday. Then on Monday, he’s going to have to carry all those thin long pieces of wood to his trailer and unload it all at his client’s place and start nailing it to the fence frame. First, he had to carry those 18 feet long pieces to the backyard so he could cut it down to size. Talk about triple handling.

It’s not a job I could or want to do. You should see my backyard, there is sawdust everywhere even though he tried to contain as much of the mess as he could.

While it was a nice day with a clear blue sky and in the low twenties, I had to keep the doors and windows closed so the sawdust didn’t get in.

The house is still clean, but I love having the windows and doors open on such a nice day. Never mind, at least all that sawdust didn’t get inside.

We’ve been really lucky and haven’t had any Covid-19 infections in Victoria in well over three weeks and I hope that doesn’t change. Our freedom is slowly being returned to us and now we don’t have to wear masks unless out in large groups. However, wearing a mask inside the shops and other places is mandatory unless you’re eating or drinking.

Have you got your Christmas tree up yet?

Christmas 2020

I have. I normally don’t put it up until the first of December but since hubby and I are so busy, we decided to put it up last weekend on Sunday. After this year, who couldn’t do with a bit of Christmas cheer. It looks so pretty with the lights, tinsel, and decorations. I also have an angel on the top which has exceptionally fine LED filament lighting in it that changes from and to a range of colours.

I have a small Santa Christmas house and a small LED light clear plastic Christmas tree with liquid and sparkles inside it.

I haven’t done any Christmas shopping though which is going to have to change this Sunday.

We don’t buy presents for the rest of the family other than our own kids and their partners. However, since my wonderful in-laws are coming and we haven’t seen them for so long because of the virus lockdown I’m going to get them something, so I need to put my thinking cap on.

I’ll get there in the end. Maybe I’ll go and do some shopping at night when everyone else is home.

I hate shopping in a crowd.

I hope you are all well.

Stay safe, happy, sane, and healthy.

Love Becca Van xxoo.





What Have I Been Writing?


I’ve started writing Slick Rock book 31. Since I’ve just started, my characters Bliss Lake, Sarg, Galen and Niko Hanson’s; personalities are just beginning to develop. I’m not that far into the book since it still early in the month, but since Christmas is coming fast and I’m likely going to have my in-laws here for the festive season, I need to get this book finished early. I hope I can do it.

Pack Law 11 - Hungry Wolves - by Becca Van - Book Cover


Pack Law 11:

                   Hungry Wolves

Available now on platforms like Amazon and Kobo. 



Released November 12.


Beautifully Imperfect 5 - Loving Mercedes Cover




Beautifully Imperfect 5 :             

            Loving Mercedes


Available now on platforms like Amazon and Kobo.







Released October 28.




Beautifully Imperfect 6: Finding Her Way

Beautifully Imperfect 6:
           Finding Her Way

Available to Pre-Order now on Siren BookStrand Website.

Release Date November 13

Pack Law 11 - Hungry Wolves - by Becca Van - Book Cover

Pack Law 11:
                    Hungry Wolves

Available to Order now on Siren BookStrand Website.

Release Date October 2

What Have I Been Reading?

Rebecca Zanetti’s Under the Covers (Maverick Montana Book 2)

I’ve not long-ago finished reading, Rebecca Zanetti’s Under the Covers (Maverick Montana Book 2). It was really good. If you never read any of Ms. Zanetti’s books, I’d start with the Dark Protector Series. If you love vampires, action, and romance, then this series if for you.

I will leave it there for now.
Enjoy your week ahead, until next week.


Becca Van XXOO

PS. Email me. Let me know what you would like to learn of me…

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