Hidden Dragons 3 - Fated Mates by Becca Van

When Special FBI Agent, Calysta Adani, is sent to Rock Springs, Wyoming to investigate missing people and the murder of the sheriff, she knows something very weird is going on, but what’s even stranger are the erotic dreams she’s been having.
The moment Caly sees Lance De Luca, Aiden Tittle, Andre Carr, and Alex Trump she’s drawn to them, but when they tell her they are dragon shifters and that she is their mate she thinks they’re a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic. But how is a girl supposed to resist them when they set her body on fire?
The bond between her and the four men is weak and even though they explain that she is theirs she’s never jumped into the deep end without taking a long hard look. With each minute in their company she weakens a little more and she finds out she can’t resist them after all. But will she be able to survive the coming battle?

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