Hidden Dragons 2 - Dragon Mates

Hidden Dragons 2 – Dragon Mates
Nikita Stravinsky has been having erotic dreams for over a month and when she meets Randy Holmes, Rex Humphries, and Russ Charge it doesn’t take her long to realize they are the men she’s been dreaming about. 
Niki is a deputy for the Rock Springs Sheriff’s department and when she finds out who and what Randy, Rex, and Russ are she has a hard time believing them. That is until they show her their dragons. 
But when she finds out the three men were in involved in the death of the missing Rock Springs mayor, she’s in a quandary. 
However that issue ends up being the least of her problems. The hunters have found out that she is a dragon shifter mate and they’re intent on kidnapping her. 
How is she supposed to stay safe when one of the hunters is her boss?
But her boss isn’t the only hunter out to get her…

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