Elite Dragoons 3 – Loving Prue - By Becca Van

Prudence Peters has been living with Thorpe, Huntley, and Adam Lathan for the last two months and is very attracted to the three men. But after being kidnapped by the Japanese Underworld criminals and being tied naked to a bed, she is very wary around the three men.
Although they have done nothing to make her trepidatious, Prue is hell bent on keeping them at arm’s length. That is until the three men finally sit down with her and begin talking to her. What woman could resist three hunky, handsome, and brawny soldiers when they are intent on having a relationship with you?
Just when the ménage relationship between the four people seems to be on an even keel, danger comes into their midst, but they are all unaware of the peril.
Will the three Lathan brothers work out where the danger is coming from before it is too late?

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