County Sheriffs 3 - Conquering Evil - By Becca Van

FBI agent and profiler Jasmine Urban has come to Cody, Wyoming, for the specific purpose of capturing a serial killer. What she didn’t expect was her attraction to two deputy sheriffs, Cooper Ellis and Tanner Collins.
Cooper and Tanner are drawn to the feisty profiler from day one, but her sharp tongue and “keep off” signs keep them at arm’s length. However, when Jasmine devises a plan to dye her hair to make herself look more like the one and only woman who managed to escape the psychopath’s clutches, Tanner and Cooper can’t remain in the background any longer.
There are shadows in Jasmine’s eyes. Both men know they won’t be able to move forward in a relationship with Jasmine until they uncover whatever is haunting her. The killer finally makes his move, and Jasmine is ready for him. She’s a trained agent and a black belt in karate. She’s in the fight for her life and has the upper hand, but then things turn back on her. Will she survive?

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