County Sheriffs 2 - Conquering Lovers

Isabella Fuller’s sister, Maria, was the serial killer’s first victim, and Bella is riddled with guilt and grief. She was supposed to have met Maria for a drink after work, but ended up being late due to circumstances beyond her control, and she never sees her sister again. It doesn’t help that Maria’s last boyfriend blames Bella for Maria’s death, too.
When she finds out Brett only dated her sister to get to her, Bella is horrified. And when he assaults her, Bella’s guilt won’t allow her to press charges. But then she’s rescued by two handsome deputy sheriffs.
Dawson Campbell and Kent Evans know Bella is the woman they’ve been waiting for, but when they ask her out on a date, she refuses. However, good and bad circumstances throw the three together time and time again. Bella can’t refuse when the deputies ask her to be in a relationship with them, but when evil gets her in its clutches, she isn’t sure she’ll see the men she’s fallen in love with ever again.

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