County Sheriffs 1 – Conquering Adversity by Becca Van

Clay Wilton and Spence Nelson know Misha Collette is the woman they have been waiting for as soon as the meet her. But they can’t begin to court her after meeting her under such horrific circumstances.
Misha is devastated when her best friend, Janice Judson, is found dead. She feels responsible. If she hadn’t asked her friend to come visit while on vacation, she would still be alive.
When the two sheriffs ask for Misha’s help in finding her killer, she isn’t about to refuse. She will do whatever it takes to make sure the psychopath who murdered her friend is put behind bars.
The more time she spends with Clay and Spence, the more attracted she becomes, and though she knows she doesn’t deserve to find happiness, she can’t stay away from the two sexy lawmen. Misha quickly falls under Clay’s and Spence’s spell until they have a firm hold of her heart. When she ends up in the hands of the serial killer, will she ever see the loves of her life again?

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