Club Of Dominance 6 - Soaring Free by Becca Van

Joni Meeks has only ever known betrayal at the hands of men. She has so much pain and grief inside her she never wants another relationship with a man.
Gabe Solar, Nicholas Flange, and Thomas Quentin know Joni is the woman they’ve been waiting for, but when she runs, they think she is lost to them forever.
Fate steps in and she ends up working for them. Little by little they begin to break down the walls surrounding her heart to get to pain buried deep down inside of her.
There is trouble in the shadows and none of them know where it’s coming from.
The three Doms want Joni by their side so they can protect her, but Joni is adamant to keep them at an arm’s length. But she’s facing a losing battle against three experienced Doms.
When Joni comes face to face with her enemy, will the three men be able to save her in time?

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