Club Of Dominance 3 – Aurora's Doms - By Becca Van

Aurora Atherton has been pining over Doms Mike and Mackenzie “Mac” Tanner for a whole year, but they have never given her the time of day. She is worried that the boys in high school and college were right about her being frigid and is resigned to being alone for the rest of her life.
But then a guardian angel by the name of Turner Pike steps in and sets the trio up.
Even though the three people begin a relationship, there are still issues to be worked out before the boat stops rocking.
Will the two Doms get through the walls around their little sub? Or will issues from the past impinge on their relationship?
Danger comes calling and it’s a race against time to rescue Aurora from the clutches of malevolence. Their woman’s life is in peril and they have to get to her before it’s too late.

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