Slick Rock 6 – Her Personal Security – A Becca Van Menage Story

Slick Rock 6 – Her Personal Security

Kayli Cooke is in danger and on the run. She ends up in Slick Rock, Colorado, where she meets ex-cops Giles, Remy, and Brandon Alcott.
The Alcott brothers know that Kayli is the woman they have been waiting their whole lives for and offer her a place to stay. Kayli accepts and tells the brothers about the danger following her. She brings out the protective instincts of the three men, who vow to keep her safe. But the danger comes to Slick Rock, and Kayli is abducted by the two men she can send to prison.
Feeling that the authorities are working too slowly, Giles, Remy, and Brandon decide to rescue Kayli on their own, but first they have to find her.
Will they get to Kayli in time?
Or will it be too late?

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