Pack Law 1 – Set Me Free – A Becca Van Erotic Paranormal Romance

Pack Law 1 – Set Me Free

Michelle Barclay has just moved to Aztec, New Mexico, from Mullen, Nebraska. At the library where she works, she is cornered against her car by a large, wolf-like dog and then rescued by the animal’s owner, Jonah Friess.
Jonah is the lead Alpha of the Friess Pack, sharing the leadership role with his two brothers, Mikhail and Brock. He knows the uptight librarian is their mate, and the brothers set about wooing her into their bed.
Michelle is hurt by a jealous female pack member, but instead of being angry with Kirsten, she gets mad with the three Alphas and lets them have a piece of her mind—what she doesn’t realize is that she has just claimed them.

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