A Man's World 3 – Roxy's Flight Instructors - By Becca Van

Roxanne Crowe has one goal in life and that is to become a fully-fledged pilot, but it’s really hard to hold her tongue when all she hears from one particular work colleague is bile regarding her gender. She also has a secret. She has been pining over her flight instructors Dusty, Booker, and Stefan Milan for what seems like forever, but she refuses to let them know how she feels. Her career is more important to her. However, when things start to go awry and Roxy is in danger, the Milan men storm into her life and won’t let her go. They take her into their home and vow to protect her with their lives, but who is going to protect her from them? The sparks ignite and Roxy winds up in their bed. There is more than one danger coming and it’s up to the three brothers to keep her safe. But how can they protect her when she’s stolen away from them right beneath their noses?

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