A Man's World 2 – Detective Shea

Lori Shea made detective after only twelve months of being in the police force and has put up with nasty, disparaging comments from her recent ex-partner and his best friend, but she has learned to ignore them. She will never let on how much their nasty comments cut her to the quick and keeps her emotions locked down tight.
When she meets her new partner Ward Stanford and his hunky brothers Colby and Scott, she is shaken by how much she is attracted to them. But she doesn’t have time for anything else because there is a serial killer on the loose, and she has been chasing him for six long months. However, when she finds herself the target of the psychopath, the three Stanford men close ranks about her and won’t let her leave their sides. The sparks fly between them, and even though she does her best to keep them at an arm’s length, she’s fighting a losing battle.
And then she’s fighting for her life.

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